Are you looking for affordable 2D floor plan services to your real estate marketing? If yes, HAUS Floor Plans is just perfect for you. With a quick and easy process, you just have to upload a picture, blueprint, or a hand sketch, and receive your high-quality 2D Floor Plan in no time.

Brilliant, right? Jus upload-send it-done!

At the HAUS Floor Plans, you can also choose different floor plans types and different colors. You can also pic custom versions with a unique style to create a consistent brand through your property listings and create a relationship with every lead.

Why add a 2D floor plan to your property marketing strategy?

When it comes to listing your property on the market, one of the most important selling features is the size of the home and the way it’s laid out. Having the home showed with 2D Floor Plan, gives credibility since potential buyers will know that something so important was handled by a specialized professional.

A  2D floor plan can offer additional information to your clients, allowing potential future owners to imagine themselves inside of the property.

With more information, buyers won’t visit aimlessly, avoiding waste of your time. In numerous other countries, real estate marketing always includes quality floor plans of the property.

In countries like the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, almost every listing includes a professional floor plan. And yet, many realtors don’t realize is how much extra potential floor plans can offer to their marketing strategy.

How to order a 2D Floor Plan with HAUS?

To order a 2D floor plan from HAUS Floor Plans only requires seconds of your time. With a very easy and reliable 100% online process, you can order professional plans from anywhere, in any part of the world.

Just upload your file, choose the type of Floor Plan you would like to create, e send it. In no time, one of our team members will be contacting you, to assist during the whole process.

You will be able to follow the whole process, choosing modifications until the final approval, receiving the file on your mailbox ready for downloading for web or print use.

Why are we a good fit for you?


Because we are highly qualified Floor Plans Designers, with the right skills and experience to offer you a great service for a very affordable price.

We pride ourselves on delivering always the best results. Also of our honesty and the bond of trust, we create with every client we have.

Let’s Get Started!

Get started implementing Floor Plans on your property marketing strategy. Improve your listings with professional 2D and 3D Floor Plans from HausFloor Plans Services.

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