We know how important floor plans are for property listings. Despite this, there are still many people who have not yet discovered the benefits of this wonderful tool.

So, to clarify those who are still in the “dark”, we have listed 5 places where buyers expect to find a floor plan.

1. Navigating through Online Property Rentals

Before they even click on your property, buyers will look for the top-level search engine floor plan icon.

And if you haven’t included a professional floor plan, you risk buyers leaving your listing after realizing that you didn’t bother to show the layout of your future home.

2. Bottom of Page

The flame is still lit and interested buyers are going straight to the property description before receiving another section dedicated to floor plans and interactive tours increasing your chances of making the sale.

3. Email Enquiry

Searching, waiting, wishing. If the buyer has reached this point, he or she has a genuine interest in your property and there is a very good chance that you will receive an email to arrange a visit.


4. After you, Picture…

Good things come to those who wait. And we who after going through the stunning photos of their own and getting thrilled, your buyer will be even more interested with one final revelation … the floor plan!

5. The Open Home

The icing on the cake. This is going well. The buyer is taking a long time in their open house and they are asking the right questions. Now all they need to do is bring home your brochure, which shows something very special on the last page…

Get Started!

Did you know that almost 93% of buyers only look at homes that include a floor plan?

Start attracting their attention and improve the time spent on your listings with fast and affordable professional floor plans.

Click here on to order your floor plan now!


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