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A husband & wife-owned online studio with over 9 years of experience specialized in creating 3D Renderings and custom Floor Plans for clients all over the globe.

With a desire to simplify and elevate the design experience for our clients in the Property sector, we founded Haus on the principle of providing exceptional services at a fraction of the cost.
We created a service to provide impeccable first impressions for our clients in the property sector to showcase their listings.

High Quality

High Quality

Combining great design and high-quality visuals, we set the benchmark for marketing your next property.

Affordable Price

Affordable Price

We understand that budget is important. Take advantage of our affordable rates and special discount packages made just for you.

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Your time matters. Therefore, we work fast and focus on getting the job done. If you have any questions, we will get back to you in ASAP.

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Revisions

We only stop when you say us to stop. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Clear Communication

Clear Communication

We work for you. Let us know what is important to you and we will work together to solve problems any way we can.

Beautiful Results

Beautiful Results

We want to give your clients the best first impressions, whether they are selling or renting their dream home.

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Client Testimonials

  • Clare Sykes Avatar
    Clare Sykes
    Sales & Marketing Director at Vida Homes - UK, London, United Kingdom

    Efficient, professional, high quality images & quick turnaround times Haus is a very efficient company and I would not hesitate to recommend them if you are looking for 2D, 2D textured or 3D floor plans. Their work is excellent, their customer service outstanding and their turnaround times are extremely reasonable. They obviously take pride in their work and go the extra mile to ensure customers' expectations are met or exceeded.
    They are a pleasure to work with and we will definitely be using them for future projects.
    - 5/05/2021

  • Candice Hammer Avatar
    Candice Hammer
    Managing Director at Polished Property, Brighton East, Victoria, Australia

    Nadia and the team have been nothing but professional, helpful and super quick with their turnaround times. Great quality images. Highly recommend. - 10/14/2020

  • Stephen Harrell Avatar
    Stephen Harrell
    President at DYN Property, LLC, Virginia, USA

    We had the pleasure of working with Haus to design 3-D drawings. They provided excellent service delivering drawings on time. We highly recommend them. Thank you. - 7/29/2020

  • Michael Luckado Avatar
    Michael Luckado
    Open Book Build, Ohio, USA

    For the builders/developers/real estate pros needing to accelerate marketing efforts, this company HAYS Floor Plans does a great job on 2D3D floor plans at a very reasonable price. - 7/06/2020

  • Johanna Gibb Avatar
    Johanna Gibb
    The HMO Property Co, Perth, Australia

    Absolutely love their work, very efficient, responsive and professional and their floor plans make a huge difference to any project! We are return customers and look forward to more work with them in the future! Thank you!!! - 6/26/2020

  • Mayã Nascimento Maia Avatar
    Mayã Nascimento Maia
    Sunshine Coast, Australia

    Couldn’t recommend it enough! Sensational customer service, fast efficient and super professional team. - 8/03/2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Floor Plans important for your Marketing Strategy?

Because buyers love floor plans. They can help listings stand out from the crowd, generate more inquiries, and convert those into viewings. They also can help sell properties quicker. Did you know that 1 in 5 buyers would ignore a property listing completely if didn’t include a Floor Plan?
They want to see the property layout, to visualize the flow of the rooms, how they fit in relation to other rooms and picture their furniture inside the home.

Can you design a 2D or 3D Floor plan from sketch?

Yes. We can design a 2D or 3D floor plan from images, pictures or sketches. We can handle all.

Why are we a good fit for you?

Because we are highly qualified Floor Plans Designers, with the right skills to offer you a great service for a very affordable price.
And also because we value hard work, honesty, craftsmanship and the bond of trust we create with every client we have.

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