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Who Can Order Floor Plans?

Any person can order the Haus Floor Plan Services.
Anyone who wants to show a floor plan in their property marketing to improve and enhance their listings presentations. Doesn’t matter if you need just one floor plan or more, our professional floor plans are perfect for you! 

  • Property buyers, real estate agents, appraisers, real estate photographers, or property managers
  • Property developers and builders who need floor plans to market new properties
  • Architects, Interior designers, office planners, and home improvement professionals who need  high-quality floor plans to help their projects started faster
  • Landlords and homebuyers who need a floor plan to visualize a new home design or remodeling projects.
Why are Floor Plans important for your Marketing Strategy?

Because buyers love floor plans. They can help listings stand out from the crowd, generate more inquiries, and convert those into viewings. They also can help sell properties quicker. Did you know that 1 in 5 buyers would ignore a property listing completely if didn’t include a Floor Plan
They want to see the property layout, to visualize the flow of the rooms, how they fit in relation to other rooms and picture their furniture inside the home.

Can you Redraw a Floor Plan?

Yes. You can take a photo of your floor plan, hand a sketch on a piece of paper, or upload your architect’s CAD files. Plans can be drawn to scale if you provide the measurements or the plan is already to scale.

How can I draw a Floor Plan? I've never done this before.

Drawing floor plans can seem daunting at first. That’s why we created an easy to follow how-to guide instruction manual and a custom graph paper. Follow the guidelines and you’ll be drawing floor plans like a pro in no time.

What type of files do I need to send you?

The files can be shared in any graphics file format, like image, PDF or CAD File.
Also, we are fine with handmade or old plans. We can take care of it all.

Besides the plans and sketches, what else do I have to send you?

Any specific information you may want to put on, or any specific references for style/color.

Can you design a 2D or 3D Floor plan from sketch?

Yes. We can redraw floor plans from old plans images, footprints, photos, CAD files, etc.

How long will my project take?

Design time depends on the number of floor plans and properties involved in the project. Single property projects generally take 2-5 business days to receive proofs. Rush projects can have proofs ready as quickly as 1-3 business days.

How the communication process works?

Generally we communicate via e-mails. The mails from the clients are answered either instantaneously or within one business day. Also, we can communicate via phone, skype or similar messengers.

Why are we a good fit for you?

Because we are highly qualified Floor Plans Designers, with the right skills to offer you a great service for a very affordable price.
And also because we value hard work, honesty, craftsmanship and the bond of trust we create with every client we have.

Where is the company located?

100% percent. We take payments through Transferwise and PayPal, considered to be two of the most trusted payment gateways.

What payments methods can I use?

Payments can be made via Transferwise and PayPal considered to be two of the most trusted payment gateways.

My plan has multiple floors, can i have each floor on a new page?
Our prices are based on each project. We usually return the plan to you on a single page; however, if you own a multi-story property and want the levels to be on separate pages, please let us know and we will deliver it in that format.
How to order a Floor Plan?

To order floor plans, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to www.hausfloorplans/contact and send us a message about the type of floor plans you would like us to create.
  2. Simply fill the form with your details (Don’t worry, this transaction is 100% secure).
  3. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with all the details about your inquiry.  

Let’s Work Together?

Client Testimonials

  • Michael Luckado Avatar
    Michael Luckado
    Open Book Build, Ohio, USA

    For the builders/developers/real estate pros needing to accelerate marketing efforts, this company HAYS Floor Plans does a great job on 2D3D floor plans at a very reasonable price. - 7/06/2020

  • Johanna Gibb Avatar
    Johanna Gibb
    The HMO Property Co, Perth, Australia

    Absolutely love their work, very efficient, responsive and professional and their floor plans make a huge difference to any project! We are return customers and look forward to more work with them in the future! Thank you!!! - 6/26/2020

  • Mayã Nascimento Maia Avatar
    Mayã Nascimento Maia
    Sunshine Coast, Australia

    Couldn’t recommend it enough! Sensational customer service, fast efficient and super professional team. - 8/03/2019

  • Luiz Andre Dias Avatar
    Luiz Andre Dias
    JLM Construction, Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Haus Floor Plans was the only company that managed to capture our idea in the first attempt, without wasting time. They are transparent, very professional and attentive to the smallest details.
    If you have a Floor Plan Service that needs done on time and on budget I strongly recommend that you go to Haus Floor Plans.
    - 4/03/2018

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