Well, you may be wondering: what is the most important home feature to Australians? It’s the price? Or are you sure it’s the location? Although both seem accurate, the reality is a bit different.

The real truth is the thing that’s most important to Australians that are looking to buy a new property is actually safety.

Yes, ‘Safety’ is the top 1 attribute Australians value in the property search the Life in Australia Report had revealed. A big 67% have said ‘feeling safe’ was the number one consideration when it comes to looking buy a home.

With constant access to news, people are highly aware of neighborhoods and areas associated with violence and crime and start seeking properties in areas that offer more security.

Behind this, almost 60% of Aussies said high-quality health services, whereas 58% choose the affordable price and 26% of participants said living in community was a value important to them.

These values remained consistent between the states, however, in cities like Perth, Hobart, and Darwin, participants have said that access to the natural surroundings was more important than reliable public transport.

So, where do Aussies really want to set up their base? Well, what was perhaps most interesting
about the study was the city they considered the best place to live.

Melbourne has for several years been considered as Australia’s most inhabitable city, but, when it comes to how residents really feel about where they live, the Capital Canberra comes out on top of the list.

Perhaps it’s the median house price, or maybe can be the Questacon National Science and Technology Centre. But in the end, the results point out that Canberra is the place to be when it comes to property.

What are your thoughts about that? Do you reckon with these results? Which Australian city is the best place to live?

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