Measuring a floor plan of established buildings don’t need to be difficult. Thanks to the digital era, you can now easily measure a Floor Plan of your home without having to spend hundreds of dollars. You just need a piece of paper, a measuring laser or tape, a nice sharp pencil, and a rubber.

And to make your life easier we have created a shortlist of things to you double-check while you’re onsite measuring and drawing a floor plan.

Drawing the floor plan accurately the first time will ensure you always get the result you want. Double-checking a plan is essential to a quality outcome, here is what you need to do on-site when drawing a plan:

  • Make sure all your rooms on the plan have measurements and windows drawn in
  • Indicate which way the doors swing
  • Include as many measurements as you can, providing as much information as possible will ensure our team gets the plan correct the first time
  • Always include the external areas like patio and pool areas
  • Label open-plan areas in a clear way. Make sure you write on the plan the areas. Using our graph paper is the best option as it makes the plan clear and easy to read.
  • Include the address on the plan to avoid any confusion later if you are measuring a few properties that day.

Measuring a Floor Plan Onsite-Check List:


how to measure a floor plan


1. Is the  Floor Plan clear legible?  

We need to be able to understand the measurements and drawing. If you’re not sure if your sketch is right, please show it to someone else to double check.


2. Do all doors have the right hinge swing?  

It is really important to indicate the direction of the doors swings or if it is a sliding or double door. Use the semi-circle symbol to indicate the direction, and also make sure you have clearly marked sliding doors, and double doors.

3. Did you include all the windows in each room?

Indicate the windows of each room in a clear way, Try to be accurate with the size of the window in comparison to the wall it sits on.


4. Are all rooms labeled correctly?

Always double check if you have labeled all spaces and rooms correctly. This included walk-in cupboards, cloakrooms, and open plan living areas.


5. Are all house fixtures and fittings included in your Floor Plan?

Fittings are a very important part of any home, so you need to ensure you have included sinks, baths, showers, etc. Please, use architectural symbols or write out the name of the fitting.


6. Have you included the extra notes with your plan?

Is really important to Include any additional information you may have.  Please, remember our designers will not have seen the property or necessarily know where is it located.


7. Is the scan or photo of the sketch good enough?

Before uploading your file, double-check if the image is fully legible. To create an amazing Floor Plan for you, we need the clearest plans possible to work from.



Creating your own floor plan can save you a lot of money. Once you have set out all the details,  go to our website and upload them to our floor plan edit tab and choose the kind of floor plan you want.

If you want more details on how to measuring floor plans,  download our pdf guide How to Measure Floor Plans.


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