Real estate marketing has been strongly developing in recent years,  making a bit hard most realtors lives. According to the National Association of Realtors, 5.34 million houses were sold in 2018, helping to increase competition on several factors of current markets such as economic growth, interest rates, demographics, etc. 

That’s why real estate marketing becomes an essential tool helping to capture valuable leads. And as a real estate agent, you need to put every step focusing on your market choosing the right strategy that works for potential clients.

Spending more time on applying multiple old fashioned strategies is worthlessly when you can concentrate on our certified working ideas for your real estate marketing strategy.


1. Set up your Website and turn to an authority


website for real estate marketing


Having a website is a major component of your real estate marketing. It is probably the best marketing strategy for a real estate agent or a property developer since almost 92% of the buyers use the internet at some point in their home search. Just imagine how fast your business can emerge if you start getting those potential clients who are always in a look for smart working realtors.

  • Website is the base for a strong real estate company. Whenever your website is visited, the clients must be answered nicely. It helps to build a strong relationship with your company, generate quality leads and increase credibility.
  • The website helps you look legit. Your clients can easily access your business identity, testimonials and reviews, privacy policy, physical address, and visually appealing. It gives credibility and is a quality statement of legitimacy for your business.
  • Let Google Introduce your business. Through search engine optimization, you can meet can lead to more qualified potential buyers to you. Optimized content will surely rank your website higher. 


2. Use Social Media to Enhance your Visibility


social media for real estate marketing


Be on social media platforms. The more you are out there, the more are the chances of clients find you. Make sure you have accounts on all popular social media platforms l and let your followers be your buyers.

  • Fill up your profile professionally and meet the clients around the world. Try to keep all your business experience and working procedure in your profile to increase credibility. Post photos of the homes and building of your listings, updates, and deals of your agency.
  • Social Media Marketing is comparatively low cost than others. For example, using an influencer on your marketing strategy can help bring good results for a low cost.
  • Use Social Media advertising to target customers. Advertising in real estate is crucial. Every day, around 400 to 600 million people visit social platforms. Optimizing your ads by incorporating relevant keywords and a good copy can generate thousands of impressions. 


3. Take a Step Forward With Floor Plans


real estate marketing floor plans


Using professional Floor Plans on your strategy can be very effective. It can help your clients to understand the layout and how the rooms fit together in the home. It is one of the best ways to market yourself as a realtor and their results are pretty satisfied.

  • Using floor plans is luxurious. With the advancement in technology, every buyer wants to experience the proximity of spaces, visualizing the layout and basic overview of the place without visiting the property. 
  • A floor plan helps you find the right clients. To find the right clients, you need to show what they are looking for. Floor plans can provide accurate information regarding room flowing, space dimensions and overall floor areas.


 4. Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies Worth Applying


best real estate marketing strategy


  • Publishing Newsletter or Magazine is very useful. For the exploration of information around the market, your subscribed leads can follow your newsletter, insighting mortgage rates, interest rates, and your specified listings. You can also create an engaging magazine holding all records for upcoming real estate events, industry statistics and other important information regarding real estate business. 
  • Customer service is always appreciable. Offering your clients a free consultation, personal connection and quote is a great way to convert them in potential buyers. Be easy and start reaching out to more clients and make your work trustworthy.
  • Track your buyers with an easy phone call strategy. While building your positive impression through email, social media marketing, and online ads, a single phone call can elevate the interest of buyers who don’t seem engaged at all.


The digital era is holding doesn’t leave space for old strategies, but abandoning some of great tactics and strategies it may not be a good idea. We all now that face to face is still an essential part of the real estate marketing strategy, but adding the new stuff to your list will help you to set a foot in front of the competition.




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